ETAI - Información técnica para la automoción: diagnosis, reparación y mantenimiento.

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Custom-made technical products

Etai Ibérica develops custom-made technical products for groups, distributors and both national and international manufacturers.

We tailor the contents, the features and product or service image at all levels according to each client’s requirements:  software programming, programme links, design, layout, translation into nine languages and customization in all formats (paper, multimedia, online, web service, flash).

There is a wide variety of technical jobs and customer requirements that chart the course, here are a few examples of our work:


• Online programmes and databases for Technical Information, references and OE & AM cross-checks, custom-made Electric Diagrams and Data Management Systems (DMS)

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• Technical Service Assistance for groups and auto repair workshop chains

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• The creation of specific technical content relating to braking systems, suspension, electronics, diagnosis, maintenance, common repairs, etc.

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• Corporate Newsletters, Repair Orders, technical data panels, etc.

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